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Sarah Hanison

Membership Number: 309
As an integrative psychotherapist I practice in a warm and person-centred way working holistically and tailoring my skills to match your needs. I am trained in a number of modalities: psychodynamic, humanistic, existential and transpersonal psychotherapies, and work in a variety of creative ways; as well as the traditional ‘talking cure’, we can work with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and related energy therapies, mindfulness and meditation, body and breath work, multi-modal CBT, visualisation, drawing and working with your dreams and archetypal material. Additionally, I am an accredited EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner, and professional member of the Association for the [...]

Dorothy McColl

Membership Number: 430
Are you looking to find someone to talk to about a personal issue which is causing you concern or distress? Perhaps it feels like whatever is disturbing you is not something which you can resolve on your own. Family and friends can sometimes help but there are situations when it is beneficial to talk about your problems with someone who is impartial and who doesn’t know anything about you except what you tell them. This is one reason why counselling can be helpful. 

Jacquie Hampton

Membership Number: 292
I am an experienced Therapist, Coach and Trainer and work with both adults and young people, helping them explore and resolve their problems and concerns. These can include relationships problems, stress, anxiety, depression and the many challenges associated with loss and bereavement. I bring to my work my significant experience in the corporate, education and voluntary sectors. As well as running my own business, I have worked with a number of different agencies and organisations including global private sector companies, large government departments and charities such as Cruse and Samaritans. I have an enhanced DBS check am an accredited member of the NSC (National Counselling Society), [...]

Liz Mackenzie

Membership Number: 335
I provide online counselling via VSee (similar to Skype but more secure, using Instant Messaging or Webcam); I can also provide this via email. I have more than 20 years experience working face-to-face as a counsellor/ psychotherapist and counselling supervisor. 

Sharon Wagner

Membership Number: 209
I work in a secure and confidential way with clients to help them understand what they are finding difficult in their life. I believe counselling should focus on individual needs. Sometimes this means exploring practical problems and sometimes this means thinking about the most difficult things in our lives and history. I provide the opportunity to explore your personal and interpersonal experiences, I hope to find strategies that help you enhance your ability to live happily and productively.

Mandy Alexander

Membership Number: 420
Welcome – and thank you for checking out my directory information. Let me introduce myself: I have an extensive professional background within the social care and counselling sectors where I provide emotional support for people from all walks of life struggling a variety of difficulties, including but not exclusively: • with depression and anxiety • loss and bereavement • sexuality and gender-identity related issues • complex mental health issues I’ve built a counselling service that holds at its heart every person’s need to be treated with dignity and respect; to appreciate difference in culture and human experience; to seek to support and alleviate distress; [...]

Marios Andreou

Membership Number: 331
I offer therapy online both short-term and long-term, and work with people from different backgrounds, and with the breadth of issues life presents. My aim always is to help people to understand their experiences and response to circumstances in their life, using every language so that they gain a greater understanding and awareness in order to help them live a more fulfilling life.

Esmee Rotmans

Membership Number: 202
I have 20 years experience as a psychotherapist. I trained as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist because I believe that to help someone I need to consider their whole being, including how you understand the world from a spiritual point of view, regardless of religious beliefs or non beliefs. I am also a certified therapist in heart based therapeutics, having trained with the Heart Based Institute, USA. I have experience and enjoy working with people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, beliefs, gender identity and sexual orientation and have worked in both short and long term settings in the voluntary and private [...]

Philippa Weitz

Membership Number: 217
I originally trained in a psychodynamic way but now I prefer to work in the way that seems appropriate to and for you, the client. This is called an integrative way of working as it calls on many psychotherapy traditions and techniques. I do not do any face to face work now, I only work therapeutically online. For our online work, I provide online psychological support and therapy online in the format that you, the client, prefers. You can choose between email (500 words, or about 50 minutes writing), or live chat, or video conferencing using a camera and microphone. For [...]

Rakhi Chand

Membership Number: 262
My approach involves gently exploring the root causes of difficulties. I believe that clients know best where hurts/needs attention; and my expertise lies in helping to make sense and learn from those areas. Please note that I say below that I can work with a variety of issues because my experience and research consistently show that more important than the specific content is the 'click' between client and therapist in meeting aims..