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Online Training Providers

ACTO Online Training Provider Members

Acto minimum criteria for qualifying courses

All ACTO Online Training Providers offer a range of online therapy training courses.  To be eligible for ACTO Online Training Provider membership a training organisation must offer at least one course that meets the ACTO minimum criteria that would qualify students to be eligible for ACTO Professional membership. The basis as a minimum for this criteria is that the course includes:

  • A minimum of 80 hours’ certified training
  • Training across all four formats: video, audio, email and live chat
  • The criteria set out in the BACP Stokes (2016) Telephone and E-Counselling Curriculum

Please note that Professional Members are only accepted if they have completed a course fulfilling these criteria, and if in doubt about a course’s suitability the Online Training Provider will be asked to provide evidence that it reaches the minimum criteria.

We encourage current members who have not reached this level to consider upskilling to this level as a minimum.

A minimum standard is a FLOOR upon which we stand but must never go below. It is NOT and (must never be allowed to be) a ceiling which cannot be exceeded.” (Welbourne, J, 01/10/03)


Stokes, A. (2016). A research-based current framework for telephone and e-counselling:  Telephone and E-Counselling Training Curriculum. Lutterworth: British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. 1st February 2016. [Last accessed 06/07/2019]

Welbourne, J, private communication with Pip Weitz. 01/10/03.

Offers a variety of certificated training courses and workshops for therapists and supervisors to work online. The training provisions offer delegates the option of participating online, in either lone study (supported by the course tutor) which can be arranged at any point within a calendar year, or a second option of participating in an experiential online group course, which takes place a frequent intervals during a calendar year.

We offer a wide range of courses training you to work therapeutically online, suiting you and your organisation's needs. These include a General Certificate in Online Counselling course (60 hours) - ideal for working in organisations, a Diploma (and a Modular Diploma) in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy (around 300 hours) - ideal for service managers and those in private practice, a Diploma in Digital Supervision, as well as courses on the use of ProReal Virtual Reality, CBT Online, Working with Children and Young People and a whole range of short CPD courses.The Modular Diploma in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy which takes into account prior learning and experience.

The Online Therapy Institute offers a 30 hour BACP Endorsed Specialist Certificate in Online Therapy (email, chat, audio, video and blended technologies), and a 30 hour Foundation Course in CyberCulture. Taken together for a full 60 hour training grants the student a Certified Cyber Facilitator credential. All training is held completely online, is self-paced to fit around other work and life commitments,

Other Online Training Providers

There are other online training providers whom you may wish to undertake training with.  Please note that if you wish to apply for ACTO Professional membership once qualified, the course you complete needs to meet ACTO's eligibility criteria stated above.


ACTO recommends that all its members should have specific training before working online professionally. We list training online training providers above which offer this training. In addition some university counsellor training courses include modules which introduce working online. However, in line with BACP, ACTO does not believe that online work is suitable for the newly trained psychological therapist and have listed training courses which are only open to trained and experienced therapists.