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Suzy King

Membership Number: 327
I offer a 30 minute free consultation to individuals and a half-price 1 hr consultation to couples to see if we are the right 'therapeutic fit'. I have very flexible working hours and can do some evenings and Sundays. Please find more information about me via my website 

Michael Underwood

Membership Number: S63 7JH
If you suffer from anxiety, anger, depression or men's issues I could be the person to facilitate your recovery and to get yourself back into shape. Some people offer advice, but this doesn't make you feel better. I know from experience that you can find your own solutions, providing you find someone who will listen to you and help you assess your needs. Could I be the counsellor for you? Contact me and let's see if we can work together! 

Susan Utting-Simon

Membership Number: 317
I work in a non-directive way, respecting the autonomy of my clients. Further details about how I work and my experience can be found by looking at my website:, or by contacting me

Emma Cameron

Membership Number: 450
I have a friendly, positive strengths-based approach which suits people who are sensitive and thoughtful, HSP's, and those who have experienced trauma. I also love to work with clients who want to heal emotionally from experiences of having been shamed due to their sensitivity and/or appearance. Visit my website where you can read my articles about emotions, dealing with anxiety, healing from trauma, and how to build your creative confidence.

James Knight

Membership Number: 310
I aim to ensure that empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard underpin all my client work. I am person-centred and client-led and work in a non-directive way. I work hard to create the therapeutic space clients can use as feels most useful to them, offering support and gentle challenge as needed. I have significant experience in providing employee assistance programme (EAP) time-limited work. I also have a wealth of experience working with students (university and college) and young people. I have specific experience of working with LGBT clients and am confident and knowledgeable in working with issues including: gender [...]

Mieke Haveman

Membership Number: 289
I work exclusively online and have done so since 2010. I prefer to work through text. Either email or text chat. In working with people with pain problems I have found many clients find it helpful to have our sessions on paper. Another advantage of email is that you can take your time to reply to me and you don’t have to write everything down at once. But if you really don’t like it I can work through video as well. I use both coaching and counselling in my online work. And together we can decide which would suit you best.

Gary McFarlane

Membership Number: 212
Gary is a Relate trained and experienced Relationship counsellor, Mediator and undertakes Sex Therapy & Sex Addiction treatment all of which are undertaken by Skype/Vsee, telephone and face to face with clients from all parts of the country and abroad. He is also a member of BACP and the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity and an Accredited member of the Assoc of Christian Counsellors and is a member of stopSO. He also practices EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). Email: free literature) Tel 0786 609 7247 

Jan Stiff

Membership Number: 211
Hello - My name is Jan I work in an integrative way ensuring that the client does not feel judged so that they can feel confident enough to form a trusting relationship with me. I am led by the needs of the client sensitive to the fact that each individual person is an expert in understanding themselves and has the ability to help themselves with appropriate support I am qualified to offer Online Counselling and Online supervision. I specialise in counselling young people / young adults, online and face to face. I understand the feelings of loneliness, despair and fear that [...]

Mark Snelling

Membership Number: 294
I offer time-limited counselling and long-term psychotherapy from consulting rooms in London to clients in the UK and online to clients around the world. I have specialist training in psychological trauma and offer evidence-based trauma treatment, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). I have substantial experience working with clients who live and work internationally, but I also support clients from a wide diversity of backgrounds. Alongside my clinical work, I design and deliver a range of trainings and workshops both in the UK and overseas, with a particular focus on stress and trauma management, Psychological First Aid, resilience, [...]