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David Slattery

Membership Number: 415
I have worked as a therapist for 30 years, and before that in mental health in the voluntary sector. I offer to create, with clients, an experience of deep acknowledgement and acceptance, which leads to profound change. A combination of deep listening, acceptance and challenge. 

Damian Sweeney

Membership Number: 266
Description of my therapy services: International online therapy: On line therapy through video platforms, Skype, Zoom, Whats app, Google hangouts or plusguidance Types of services---- Video, voice only, instant chat conversations in real time or email. 

Philippa Weitz

Membership Number: 217
I originally trained in a psychodynamic way but now I prefer to work in the way that seems appropriate to and for you, the client. This is called an integrative way of working as it calls on many psychotherapy traditions and techniques. I do not do any face to face work now, I only work therapeutically online. For our online work, I provide online psychological support and therapy online in the format that you, the client, prefers. You can choose between email (500 words, or about 50 minutes writing), or live chat, or video conferencing using a camera and microphone. For [...]

Olivia Djouadi

Membership Number: 275
I work as a UKCP psychotherapist and counsellor as an online practitioner I am qualified to assist in the following areas: • Feeling unsettled due to past experiences • Past emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse • Spiritual abuse • Dissociative disorders • Medical and health trauma - this includes chronic illness burnout

Eleanor Carn

Membership Number: 288
Some people come to therapy because they have specific issues that they want to address, others to find out more about themselves. Some people come because they have a sense that things are not ‘right’ and they want to find out why. Every person’s reasons and everyone’s journey through therapy is unique. Therapy is a collaborative undertaking; at the core of this, is the relationship between therapist and client. I work to understand my clients and to help them understand themselves in a non-judgemental and open space. I have an LGBTQ+ affirmative approach and respect every individual's chosen identity as [...]

Alison Lawrence

Membership Number: 307
The online Counselling that I offer comes in 3 overlapping stages. It will include regular reviews of what you want to achieve from counselling and what you are finding useful within the counselling relationship. Stage 1 This stage is about creating a safe space to explore your current thoughts, emotions and life situation while considering how they may relate to experiences in your past. This can include open questions as well as discussions about your current mood levels and discovering what you would like to achieve from the counselling. Stage 2 This will involve a more in-depth look into issues that we have [...]

Carrie Munday

Membership Number: 334
I work therapeutically online with individuals offering online counselling via the internet through email, video call or instant messaging. Please note that I am unable to work with clients under the age of 18. Further information on my experience can be found on my website

Angelika Vraka

Membership Number: 208
I have been working online using skype, facetime, whatsapp video or just voice calls depending on my clients preference 

Jane Major

Membership Number: 323
You may be struggling to understand your feelings, unsure what to do about your relationship or perhaps struggling to manage a combination of issues, from the past or present. I work online with individuals, couples, multiples and families. I will work collaboratively with you to think about what has brought you to therapy and how best we might work together. I work with compassion and understanding at a pace that best fits you.